Job Vacancy: Chief Operating Officer (COO), TONGA POWER LIMITED


Company Brief Profile:

Tonga Power Limited (TPL) was established in 2008 and is 100% Government owned (Public Enterprise). TPL’s primary purposes are to generate, distribute and sell electricity to the people of Tonga throughout its main grid operations in the islands of Tongatapu, Vava’u, Haápai and Éua. TPL operates under a strict regulatory framework through the Electricity Concession Contract (ECC) as well as operating under the Public Enterprise Act 2010 as amended which provides greater commercialization incentives for state owned corporate entities. As a public enterprise, TPL’s vision is to power the sustainable development for the Kingdom with a mission to safely generate, deliver clean, reliable electricity at the right price whilst delivering excellent customer service. TPL has a total of 20,000 plus customers with 80% residential customers and 20% corporate customers with a total of 279 staff to manage all TPL operations. TPL is committed to meeting the governments renewable energy targets of 70% Renewable energy by 2025 as well as promoting energy efficiency and conservation to reduce reliance on imported fossil fuels.


Position Description:

TPL is seeking an experienced, professional, and highly competent COO who possesses commercial, technical and business acumen. The COO oversees all technical divisions and focuses on optimising the operational efficiency of Tonga Power Limited’s day-to-day activities, ensuring smooth functioning across all technical departments and ensuring regulatory compliance. As the COO, you will be accountable to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to achieve a range of outcomes critical to TPL's service delivery and renewable energy projects.

Job Terms and Remuneration:

The appointment is a Performance Based Contract with an initial term of four (4) years, renewable for another four (4) years based on performance achievements.

The final remuneration will be negotiated with the successful candidate.


As the COO, the position will be accountable to the CEO in providing leadership and high-level direction and commitment to the company goals and interests in all TPL technical, compliance functions, managing allocated resources, setting plans, technical priorities, workflows, developing strategies and evaluating business outcomes. The COO plays a vital role in TPL’s renewable energy targets.



COO Duty Statement:

  1. Develop and execute the operational strategy in alignment with Tonga Power Limited’s (TPL) overall goals and objectives. This includes identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure operational efficiency and effectiveness for all technical teams and in compliance with all regulatory requirements.
  2. Oversee the power generation and distribution operation, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted power supply to customers. This includes power generation sites, network distribution lines, substations in the Outer Islands, renewable energy sites and other infrastructure.
  3. Stay up to date with relevant regulations and ensure compliance with industry standards set by the Electricity Commission, environmental regulations, and safety protocols. Implement and maintain processes to mitigate operational risks and maintain compliance with legal requirements from the Electricity Commission.
  4. Identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness in all technical divisions. Streamline processes, optimize resource allocation, develop asset management plans and implement best practices to enhance productivity and reduce operational expenses.
  5. Lead and manage teams responsible for various operational functions, such as power generation, network distribution, major projects, engineering and compliance. Foster a collaborative and high-performance culture, provide guidance, and promote professional development and comply with all human resources policies.
  6. Establish systems for monitoring operational performance and reporting on key metrics to the CEO, senior management and stakeholders. Analyze data and trends to identify areas for improvement and develop action plans accordingly.
  7. Review and implement emergency response plans to address power outages, natural disasters, or other contingencies. Ensure business continuity by establishing backup systems, contingency plans, and crisis management protocols for all technical teams.
  8. Collaborate with vendors, suppliers, contractors, and external stakeholders to ensure smooth operations. Manage relationships, negotiate contracts, and oversee service level agreements to meet operational requirements.
  9. Stay informed about emerging technologies and industry trends. Evaluate and implement technological solutions to enhance operational processes, optimize asset management, and improve customer experience.
  10. Work closely with the CEO, Board and other Senior Managers within the Company, to align operational strategies with overall company objectives. Collaborate with departments like finance, human resources, and administration to ensure operational initiatives are supported by appropriate resources and comply with relevant policies.


Essential Qualifications and Experience Required:

  • Hold a Master's degree or higher in accounting, finance, administration, management, renewable energy, or engineering from a recognized university or institution.
  • Must at least have 7 years of proven experience at Deputy CEO/COO level or in a senior management position within comparable organizations. Preferably an individual with prior experience in the energy sector or similar organizations at the COO or Deputy CEO level.
  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and experience in electric utility, renewable energy, financial management, human resources, project management, and the development of innovative strategies to achieve financial and non-financial performance outcomes.
  • Be in good health and possess exemplary character.
  • The Board reserves the right to consider individuals who may not meet the specific qualifications outlined above but possess substantial relevant experience and expertise.


Desirable in addition to essential requirement:

  • Be a member of a recognized accounting, management, or engineering professional body or association in New Zealand, Australia, or an overseas country.
  • Possess relevant knowledge and experience in managing an electric utility, renewable energy projects, or other energy/utility workforces at the highest levels.
  • Hold proven project management qualifications and experience in utilities and/or renewable energy, which will be advantageous.

How to Apply:

If you meet the accountabilities, duty statement, essential or desirable requirements outlined above and are interested in applying for this position, please express your interest in writing and address it to the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the following address:


Board of Directors

Tonga Power Limited

Taufa’ahau Road




All applications should be clearly marked as "TPL COO APPLICATION" and submitted along with the following documents:

    • Cover letter
    • Updated Curriculum Vitae
    • Certified copies of all academic transcripts, certificates, professional membership qualifications, and references
    • Names of three referees, two of whom have closely supervised your performance at work during the last 5-10 years, and one reference from your current employer.
    • A clean police record will be required of the successful candidate.



The deadline for application submission is Monday 10 July, 2023 by 4:30 PM. Only shortlisted applicants as finalized by the Board will be contacted for interviews.

For any inquiries during working hours, please contact Mrs. Falemei Fale (Human Resources Manager) at Tonga Power Limited, telephone (676) 21400, or email