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NUKU’ALOFA, TONGA (31st August  2018) — The Common Utility Board has announced the appointment of Mr. Setitaia Pasivaka Chen as the  Chief Executive Officer for Tonga Power Limited effective as of 31st August 2018.  Mr. Robert Lenes Matthews work contract as CEO expired on 31st July 2018 after completing a 3-year term. 
Tonga Power’s core objective is to reduce Tonga’s vulnerability to oil price shocks, and achieve an increase in quality access to modern energy services in an environmentally sustainable manner and accordingly to reduce its carbon emission footprint and importantly reduce the electricity tariff to the people of Tonga.
In the last three years, Mr Chen was Tonga Power’s General Manager Operations heading two departments, the Network Distribution and Design and Planning, working together across all divisions of the company. Seti has developed new ventures and done a great job with the Operations Department preparing TPL for growth.  Prior to joining Tonga Power in 2012, he commenced his career as a Transmission Line Engineer and not long after, Project Manager with Electrix Ltd in New Zealand. He has extensive knowledge of Tonga Power’s operations, bringing more than 13 years’ experience in leadership positions as well as project management and electrical and electronic engineering.
The Board, Management and Staff of Tonga Power Ltd would like to thank Robert for his significant contribution to Tonga Power Ltd and wish him all the best for the future. 
Seti is well established to achieve the vision of its Shareholder, the Government of Tonga, the Board of Directors and to drive Tonga Power’s renewable energy targets and goals to the next level, from the foundation achieved by Mr. Matthews.