TREP 03 Lot 2 – Solar PV/BESS (100% RE) micro-grid, including low voltage distribution system for ‘O’ua, Tungua, Kotu, Mo’unga’one, Niuafo’ou

TREP 03 Lot 2 is leading by MEIDECC. A component to install Solar PV/BESS micro-grid including low voltage distribution for Ha'apai Outer Islands ('O'ua, Tungua, Kotu and Mo'unga'one) and Niuafo'ou.

The component is in its design stage. The detailed design is currently completed for approval by the PMU (Project Management Unit) and CSC (Construction Supporting Consultants).

The land deeds are still in progress with the Land Deed Division under the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources. It is expecting to obtain by the Project soon.

The community consultations for the Ha'apai Outer Islands have completed. The beneficiaries are fully supporting the purpose of the implementations. They are also supporting the inclusion of women to involve with any tasks given to the communities to assist with the progress of the Project on each island. Men who participated in the consultation meetings praised the existing implementation of the Solar Freezer Project (SFP). There are groups of women who manage the SFP and all communities are benefiting from the financial benefits collecting by the women groups. The same idea (which is a success story) is to utilize with TREP once the Solar PV/BESS are installed successfully. Women inclusion is supporting by TREP to effectively manage electricity in the outer islands of Ha'apai.

Mo'unga'one Community Consultation


'O'ua Community Consultation


Kotu Community Consultation



Energy Department of Ministry of MEIDECC implements this component.
Solar PV/BESS micro-grid, including distribution system, for the following islands in the Ha’apai group; ‘O’ua, Tungua, Kotu and Mo’unga’one and for the island of Niuafo’ou. The capacity of the Solar and storage for each island is shown in the below table

PROJECT GOAL to provide 100% renewable power through Solar and batteries to all households in the main villages of the islands of O’ua, Tungua, Kotu, Mo’unga’one and Niuafo’ou​​​​​​​mini22


TREP-03 Lot 2: Remote Renewable Grids

Bidding was undertaken using International Competitive Bidding method with the Contract awarded to Infratec. the contract was signed 13th March 2020 with a current estimated completion date of October 2021