Network Services

Tree Cutting
In order to provide safe and reliable electricity services to our customers, trees must be properly maintained and kept clear of electric power lines. Trees are a leading cause of electrical power outages. In fact when trees and power lines touch it is a very dangerous situation to anyone in close proximity to the tree.
To help maintain safe, reliable electric service to our customers, TPL has implemented 
  an aggressive right of way clearing and trimming programme to control bush and trees in the 
  vicinity of our power lines.
Our qualified staff involved with line clearance must follow the guidelines of “Maintenance of trees 
  around Power Lines -1996”.  These guidelines also apply to anyone working on trees near our lines.
Before any contact with a tree, TPL employees must determine cutting within a boundary of 4 
  meters to the line. The effects of temperature, wind and other environment influences shall also 
  be considered.
Line clearance tree trimming operations are not performed during storms and other adverse weather conditions and performed in the aftermath.
If you see trees touching lines then please contact our call centre, the sooner we remove any impediment to our lines the better the service we can provide to our customers.
Estimation of New Connection
TPL will then contact you and inform you of how much you are required to pay providing an 
  estimation of materials and labour.
TPL will survey and estimate the materials, labour and transport that are required to pay before 
  the electricity can be connected.
Temporary Power Connection
Prior to connecting your power supply on a tempoary basis, certain sterps must be followed.There are a number of electrical contractors available for customers to choose from. A list of Tonga’s License Electrical Contractors is available from the Electricity Commission (Ph: 29 688 or 23 632) or can be obtained from TPL’s main offices. (Taufa’ahau Road or Small Industries Centre). 
The licensed Electrical Contractor will complete an application which informs us of your electricity requirements. The form is supplied by the Electricity Commission (Ph: 24-607) and the completed Application will need to be supplied back to the Electricity Commission as well as to TPL so that we may begin processing your request.
The completed application form will be supplied together with additional information to TPL.
One form of ID of the person the electricity is to be registered to (National ID, Passports, 
  Driver’s License)
Contact Details (Such as Phone Numbers, E-mail )
Proof that you are legally obliged to using the premise the electricity is to be connected to.  ( Map 
  from Ministry of Lands and Survey, or letter from the town officer)
Detailed description of the location of the proposed installation.
Upon complettion of the above requirements, we will survey and estimate the materials, labor and transport that you are required to pay before your electricity can be connected. In addiotn we will contact you and inform you of how much you are required to pay. Once all these requirements have been fulfilled your electricity will be connected as soon as possible.