Customer Service Agreement

Tonga Power Customer Service Agreement

Tonga Power has implemented a standard Customer Service Agreement effective from 1 September 2012. This customer service agreement is applied as a requirement of the Concession Contract.

The Customer Services Agreement sets out a formal agreement between our customers and Tonga Power Limited. This has been reviewed and approved by the Electricity Commission. The agreement reflects changes that have taken place in Tonga’s electricity market as well as Tonga Power’s business practices since 2008.

The customer contract defines the standard of service available to customers, and clearly sets out Tonga Power Limited’s responsibilities and liabilities. This Agreement replaces the terms set under the old Tonga Electric Power Board regime.

All new customers connecting to our network will have to sign up to receive supply.

We invite any comments on the new Customer Service Agreement, a copy of which is available on our website  by visiting our download tab or you can phone 21 400 to arrange for a copy.

The Customer Service Agreement is available in a short and long form. The short form contains a summary of the Customer Service Agreement between you and Tonga Power outlining our obligations (you to Tonga Power and from us to you) before supplying you with electricity.

The long form provides all the details you and Tonga Power must consider before we supply you with electricity, listing and describing safety measures, metering services, responsibilities for the equipments used to supply you with electricity, service fees, bonds, connection, disconnection and reconnection process. The form also explains how to make a complaint and all the relevant information you need to be aware of before we supply you with electricity.

Should you wish to comment please do so in writing.


Thank You

Tonga Power Limited